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Indulge in the Artistry of Swengalicious Sausages

Crafting Exceptional British Beef and Pork Sausages with a Dash of Swengalicious Sophistication.

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UK Nationwide Refrigerated Delivery

We take the utmost care in delivering our products to you. We use refrigerated vehicles to maintain the ideal temperature throughout transportation.

British Farmed

Our meat is sourced locally from UK farmers, ensuring the highest quality.

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We've just launched our unique Swenga MIYO sausage.

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The finest food

At Swenga we care about how we source the food in order for us to come up with the finest food that is simply swengalicious!

Our passion is to bring food that creates memories.

British Beef

As one of our main ingredients, we ensure we buy local meat by British Farmers. 

Our Products

The product range is expanding as we are constantly evolving. 

Our flagship sausage – Swenga MIYO, is crafted to provide exquisite flavour.

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Rated 4.8 / 5

First heard of these...

First heard of these sausages form food exparts of how the tasty and meat rich these sausages are…

Ms Givens Kaonga

29 Nov 2023

Delicious is defined...

I had a sample of the sausages at a networking event and by the end of the night I purchased 3 packs…

I stand with Zambia

18 Nov 2023

Amazing sausages

Amazing sausages, tasty, juicy, spicy!


7 Dec 2023

Less fat

Swenga sausage is truly amazing. It’s less fatty and full of flavor. Very tasty… it swengalicious…

dennis mambo

22 Nov 2023

Living in the UK for...

I’ve always craved the authentic flavours of my homeland, Zambia. Recently, I discovered Swenga…

Bwalya Lombe

1 Nov 2023

Good quality sausages

Sausages for those who care and are particular about what they consume in terms of food quality…

Tess-Rumbie Rumbie

23 Jul 2023

Swenga sausages

Swenga sausages are really tasty, delicious and you can have them with any accompaniment. I had…


12 Aug 2023

Swenga sausages are..

absolute sensation! Their flavor profile is swengalicious , combining a perfect blend of spices…


13 Jun 2023

Rated 4.8 / 5